The Center for Social Research (CSR) is dedicated to improving the quality and efficiency of social research at Notre Dame by working with faculty, students, and staff across all academic disciplines.

The CSR is a University-wide academic support unit offering services for Notre Dame faculty, students, and staff engaged in social research.

Whether a scholar is starting new research or developing an existing project, the CSR's expert staff can assist you with research design, data management, mobile data collection, survey design and administration statistical consulting, visualization, and GIS. Notre Dame scholars may engage the CSR at any point in a research project's life cycle, from initial research design through analyzing and visualizing data for publication.

The services and resources provided by the CSR are available to all Notre Dame faculty, students, and staff pursuing social research, regardless of their affiliated college or department. We welcome you to contact us to discuss your specific needs. We are committed to offering prompt, effective, and professional service. To request our assistance, please submit an intake form online or contact us.

The CSR is a center within the Center for Research Computing (CRC) and a part of Notre Dame Research.