Survey Research Services

Using sophisticated survey software and facilitating access to external survey data collection resources, the CSR offers a variety of services and tools for your survey research needs. The CSR staff is able to support you in the following ways:


  • assisting in the development of survey research designs
  • programming internet-based survey software and deploying web surveys
  • creating new survey questions and/or providing feedback on existing survey questions
  • assisting with scale development
  • providing assistance with optimizing Qualtrics
  • creating and formatting surveys for optical mark recognition (OMR)
  • assisting with other survey research software
  • drafting methodological notes for research process documentation
  • monitoring and calculating response rates and suggesting strategies to convert non-respondents into respondents
  • advising about data cleaning, coding, missing data imputation, and performing initial analysis of data collected
  • providing limited in-class guest lectures on survey research methodology
  • facilitating collaboration with outside data-collection vendors

To use our services, please submit an intake form online or contact us.