Statistical Services

From simple troubleshooting to inquiries regarding complex research design and data interpretation, the Center for Social Research provides a full range of services to enhance the quality of your research. While we primarily help those in the social sciences, the CSR staff has a wide variety of experience across many fields, and is willing to help with any research needs with which we are able. Our assistance is available to all of Notre Dame faculty, staff and students.

Among an array of statistical services, the CSR staff provides assistance with the following:

  • determining and implementing an appropriate analysis
  • troubleshooting code problems
  • data visualization
  • planning and developing an appropriate research design during grant proposal writing and early research stages
  • ensuring that the data to be collected meets the needs of preferred statistical methods
  • drafting methodological notes for inclusion in journal articles, books, and other publications
  • instruction via short courses regarding introductions to various statistical computing environments and statistical techniques
  • providing instruction via technical reports and other means

In addition, we also have a computational consultation space in which we can better collaborate with our clients statistically and provide more personal instruction.

To use our services, please submit an intake form online or contact us. Note for undergraduates: while we can help with honors theses guidance and other work related to faculty research, our assistance may be somewhat limited beyond that, especially regarding anything that might be labeled as homework.